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Move Your Body with The PT Bee!

Posted: September 23, 2020 | Author: Jamieson Cosgriff

Brought to you by The PT Bee!

Before starting this workout please read and complete the pre-exercise health screening questionnaire available here. Be aware of your body’s limitations and needs and don’t do anything that causes undue pain.

Now let’s get started!

Let’s begin with a warm up to get the blood pumping!

Now you’re warmed up – let’s get into the workout!

If you prefer to take it at your own pace, choose from the featured exercises listed below:

Well done! Now it’s time to cool down!

Thanks for joining us for today’s session! For more activities from our Positivity Month click HERE.

If you’re wanting more information more information as to Janet’s PT services, please see the links below:

Website: www.theptbee.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/THEHIVEGEELONG/
Email: [email protected]

Music: www.bensound.com