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Corio Village

Corio Village’s ‘Faces of Corio’ Mural

As part of ongoing centre upgrades ’Faces of Corio’ mural has been painted onto the Purnell Rd side of the building (Near Woolworths Entry) along with updated signage, exterior painting, and landscaping to roll out in the coming months.


  • This mural design is a colourful tribute to the people of Corio, brimming with positivity and aspiration.
  • In the composition, bold and graphic illustrations of the ‘Faces of Corio’ are going about their daily work. Bakers, butchers, florists, baristas and football players are shown alongside people and families shopping. The figures are moving together with purpose through their environment of abstract shapes and drifting, mountainous forms alluding to the local You Yangs.
  • The palette integrates the Corio brand colours with grounded, down-to-earth tones.



  • Approx 29m long and 3.8m tall near the Woolworths Entrance
  • Took 5 days = approx. 50 hours (2 people)
  • Initial gridding and sketching stages to ensure that proportions and positioning was correct before the painting began



  • Carla McRae is a Melbourne-based illustrator.
  • Her drawings pull together a blank space with clean lines, geometric shapes and strong colour. Always working to create clear, simplistic and honest images, Carla’s work depicts open narratives inspired by the beauty of everyday moments, small gestures and simple pleasures.
  • Carla has been drawing for as long she can remember, starting as a child and following her throughout her studies in Graphic Design and Communication at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Her unfurling illustration practice drove her to Melbourne, where she has been working ever since.
  • From editorial, publishing, branding and apparel to sock design, large-scale mural projects and teaching programs, Carla has worked and collaborated with notable local and international clients.
  • Select clients include Sonos, Apple, Pentagram London, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Epworth Healthcare, Scape Student Living, Remedy Kombucha, Penguin Teen Aus, Air France Magazine, Frankie Magazine, City of Melbourne, Sydney Opera House Ideas At The House, Smith Street Books, Smudge Publishing, Oxfam, International Womens Development Agency.
  • She has exhibited her work throughout Australia and is represented commercially by The Jacky Winter Group.


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