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Meet Janet from The PT Bee!

Hi, Janet here, your personal trainer for tomorrows exercise session! I am a personal trainer, a nurse, a wife and a mum.

I am delighted to be a part of Corio Village’s Positivity Campaign and so excited to see what we can achieve now in this session together, but I also hope you can take away some simple exercises to implement in your daily life to create some positive changes for you and your family.

Life in Lockdown

Let’s face it living life in lockdown hasn’t been much fun for anyone, it has produced many challenges: loss of routine, lack of space, loss of income to name a few. However, with a few simple changes we can create a FITTER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, BEST version of ourselves and our family even with these challenging times. I’M HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW!

How is it going to work?

I will be teaching you 9 different exercises which will be divided into 3 groups of 3. Each exercise will go for 1 minute so that’s 9 minutes all up!

The exercises are designed to be fun and challenge you, with a blend of adaptable cardio, resistance and core exercises.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS! You choose your ratio of WORK to REST. For example, if you’re new to exercising or, lockdown has left you feeling like you need an easier start then choose a 30:30 (ON:OFF); If you’re feeling keen choose a 40:20 or if you’re fit and strong a 50:10 may be for you!

I’ll be there to guide you through each exercise and provide some options to make it easier or harder as we go.

There will also be an exercise guide attached with the exercises listed, a graphic demonstration of how to do each exercise as well as ways to progress (make it harder) or regress (make it easier) options.

NO EQUIPMENT. NO WORRIES. The exercises are designed around no equipment simply your own body weight. If you have an exercise mat, great and don’t forget a water bottle!

DON’T FORGET TO WARM UP AND COOOL DOWN! I’ve got you covered allow 3-5 minutes for each. That means we’ll be together for around 20 minutes, but the impact will be long lasting and potentially life changing.

Let’s make this happen!

SAFETY FIRST! Read and complete the pre-exercise health screening questionnaire available here, be aware of your body’s limitations and needs, DON’T do anything that causes undue pain.

ON YOUR OWN? NO WAY! I’ll be there with you all the way, red, out of breath and sweating too! ALL YOU NEED IS A POSITIVE, CAN DO ATTITUDE!

And remember – it’s all about getting moving and having fun as a family, with a partner or just you!

Janet – The PT Bee

Website: www.theptbee.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/THEHIVEGEELONG/
Email: [email protected]


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