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6 for $11 Ferguson Plarre!

Bacchus Marsh Rd and Purnell Road,
Corio VIC 3214

6 for $11 Ferguson Plarre!

6 for $11 Ferguson Plarre!

Fri, 24th Feb 2023 - Fri, 14th Apr 2023



Our bun-believable Hot Cross Buns are back. Each bun is hand rolled by our bakers every morning and packed with premium Aussie ingredients. Hop on down to Ferguson Plarre Corio Village today for a tasty, toasted Hot Cross Bun, best served with lashings of butter. Yum!



  • Bunbelievable: Introducing the Jam Donut Hot Cross Bun

What do you get when you mix a donut with a hot cross bun? We like to call it The Jammy! Our NEW Jam Donut Hot Cross Bun is the Easter mashup Australia has been waiting for! A super soft, sweet bun, JAMpacked with raspberry jam & dusted with cinnamon sugar!

  • The Chosen Bun: Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

Our famous Traditional Hot Cross Buns are packed with more fruit than flour! Perfectly sweet dough filled with an aBUNdance of fruit and spices, handmade and baked fresh daily by our team of bakers.

  • Bun Stoppable: White Chocolate & Raspberry Hot Cross Buns

A special twist on the classic bun, our White Chocolate and Raspberry Hot Cross Buns are decadent and delicious. These super soft and sweet buns are packed full of tangy raspberries and luscious white chocolate, for an Easter treat your entire family will want to eat.


  • A Bun You Will Apple-solutely Love: Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

Our popular Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns are back! Made with a sweet cinnamon dough and studded with juicy apple pieces. No wonder they are the apple of our eye.


  • A Choco-lot of Chocolate: Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns

Our Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns are perfect for every chocolate lover, each one is filled with luscious chunks of milk, white and dark chocolate. They are baked fresh every day, which makes them incredibly soft, fluffy and delicious!

You can find our Hot Cross Buns in store at Ferguson Plarre Corio Village.

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