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Donuts at Ferguson Plarre!

Bacchus Marsh Rd and Purnell Road,
Corio VIC 3214

Donuts at Ferguson Plarre!

Donuts at Ferguson Plarre!

Thu, 04th Jan 2024 - Wed, 31st Jan 2024

You donut need an excuse to try our new donuts. Meet the newest additions to our donut range, Lemon Cream, Chocolate Boston and Glazed Donut.

Our new donuts are also included in our Mix & Match range. Choose any 6 of your favourite donuts for just $21.

Lemon Curd & Fresh Cream Donut
A light and fluffy donut filled with fresh cream, a drizzle of zesty lemon curd and finished with a dusting of sugar.
Classic Glazed Donut
A classic for a reason, this much-loved old favourite is a light, fluffy donut, topped with sweet glazed icing.
Chocolate Boston Cream
A classic donut generously filled with our famous Boston Bun cream and topped with chocolate and chocolate shavings.

Shop in-store now at Ferguson Plarre Corio Village.

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